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Hello... I’m Jennifer, please call me Jenna💋


My Pool House



My philosophy & approach to being the best companion is simple, it is being authentic and caring with the emphasis on being affectionate. I enjoy creating a meaningful connection without the frustration of a traditional relationship. While I am a consummate professional, I am also intensely passionate about creating ”the perfect girlfriend experience” 


I adore my friends and want to meet new friends but I do not want to be for everyone, absolutely not. Please don’t contact me if you are looking for someone to abuse or abuse you. 

I am very caring and really like to have a connection with you for our time together. After reviewing my entire website “yes I know it’s long“ I carefully thought out what I wanted to include so not to mislead anyone who  is interested in seeing me.    


What Is My Level of Discretion?

  Discretion is & will always be the most important part of our experience together. 

As an escort, I highly value my privacy & will respect yours. 

I will never make our encounter feel awkward or like a business transaction. It is very important to me that you are as comfortable as possible.  



 As an individual that prioritizes discretion and privacy, I do understand that screening may give you pause. 

However, I also value my personal safety equally and screening is the best method in which to ensure our mutual safety. All information provided is for verification only and will be destroyed immediately after I’ve confirmed your identity. I will never share it with other companions  as I do not employ any of the services of an assistant or booking agent. Screening is  mandatory for our first encounter, unless we’ve met before 2018. 

There are two ways to be screened 

1: Please email or text me a screenshot of your license

 ”You may cover your address“ 

2: Two Independent Companions;  unfortunately due to issues in the past, I cannot except references from agencies. Please include the providers website and contact info that you’ve seen with in the last six months. 

Thank you in advance for your understanding 




$200-30 Minutes 


$250 * Each Additional Hour 

Couples *$350-1 Hour

*Credit/Debit Cards-Square Payment- *6.5% fee


Located in West Haven 

at my 

Pool House/ Play House 

 Please have your consideration ready when you arrive, not at the end of our session.

 Please put the consideration in an envelope/card in place it down when you arrive, do not hand it to me, I won‘t except it. 

 Please do not mention the consideration I will have to ask her to leave. This is my most important rule. I do not speak about the consideration. It ruins the mood.

I prefer to keep it unspoken.



$300 - 1 Hour 


$250 - *Each Additional Hour


$2,500 - Overnight 

* $20 travel fee if more than 20 miles from West Haven 

Couples *$350 1 Hour


*Casino Packages*

1 hour - $350

2 hours-$600

*4 hours - $800

*Must include time outside the room 

”Dinner or gambling“ 


* Credit/Debit Cards-Square 


If you want to go for an adventure (i.e. dinner, just to get out, etc.) and does not fit in my above considerations, there is always a little wiggle room, please talk to me about what you would like to do for the adventure.


Please have your consideration ready when I arrive, not at the end of our session.


Please put the consideration in an envelope/card or on the bathroom vanity where I can see it upon arriving.


I will not discuss the consideration at all.


You must provide a safe and comfortable environment for us to enjoy our session.



All considerations are


All considerations are for my time and companionship only.

Please be thoughtful of my considerations when you want to spend your time with me.


Anything implied or inferred within these pages is not to be taken as an inducement of payment other than my time for companionship.


What’s the best way to get to meet you?

The most efficient way to request a liaison with me is  text me or email respectfully. I will require some basic real life information. Please include the following 

1 Real first and last name 

2.Email or phone number

3. Handle or Information if you are a member of P411 TER Erotic Monkey Private Delights  

4. Date Time Duration of session 

5. Incall or Outcall

6. Email or text me a screenshot of your license “You may cover your address“

7. Two reputable companion references  


My perception on the being an escort might surprise you. I choose this lifestyle for a reason &  the only way I can really describe it is when we have made a real connection. I love it when we can just relax & take hold of the moment. I do not want this to become anything more than that. I like it when you let me be myself. I am not looking for more than what this was designed for. Honestly, anytime a get an email or text from on of my regular clients my heart lights up. I have set up what I think is a fair trade off for what I can offer. 

My Verified Sites

Preferred 411 - Handle 262499

Eros Verifed

Erotic Monkey

The Erotic Review

Private Delights

Escort Links



What Type Of Clients Do I Entertain?

As I am a reputable escort provider, there are many different types of clients I prefer to see. I prefer if you are over the age of 30. I like to see men of different backgrounds. I welcome all new suitors regardless of gender, physical ability, sexual orientation and relationship status. 

I love to see women and couples. Escort massage Is my speciality! 

What Kind Of Experience Can You Expect?

There really are so many benefits that come along with seeing me. I love being an companion,  as you will soon find out for yourself! I‘m sure the first thing that comes to your mind is the obvious, for sure! Trust me, it’s so much more!

Now, you might think to yourself...

"I have a beautiful wife at home" or "I can get a date why call an escort?“ There are as many reasons to visit me as there are escorts! I provide a quiet relaxing atmosphere  with the ambience of romance and relaxation. Just exceptional quality companionship; A break from your routine life without judgement. 

Since I prefer 1-4 hour notice appointments, I do not accept outfit requests. Only after we’ve established an open line of trust will I take requests. I usually wear something casual but sexy. 

What Would Cause Me To Abruptly Cancel?

I would expect you to be respectful in all communication and during our time together.  Being disrespectful will cause me to be uncomfortable. That is the quickest way to ensure you will  never see me!


Please never discuss anything sexually explicit in any communication we may have. 


During our time together, any behavior (i.e. being overly aggressive, inflicting pain) that makes me feel unsafe or uncomfortable.


I do not want to ever be put in a situation where I have to abruptly cancel or end our time together, but if you choose Not to follow these simple rules...


You will forfeit your donation & be told to leave immediately. Our time together will end.


I should hope that you are respectful of this.


What Type Of Escort Services Do I Offer?

I do not discuss anything over the phone, text or email. No smoke signals or sign language...


It is easier to explain what I do not like:

  • I do not participate in unsafe play.
  • I do not participate in most role-play.
  • I do not like anything rough.
  • I do not smoke.
  • I do not do drugs. 
  • I will not do anything that makes me feel unsafe at all which is at my discretion.


I do offer light fetishes (i.e. foot, light domination, many facets of eroticism, with romantic & sensual play, etc.).

*Side Note 📝

 As an escort, I go above & beyond to make you happy. No one can or will be able to make everyone happy,  especially in my line of work. I truly want you to enjoy your time with me, please keep in mind I am not a miracle worker or a porn star. Have high expectations all be it realistic ones. I’m not new to the business. I understand that you want everything under the sun moon and stars.

I am confident that we both will walk away with a great experience.



What do I expect of you?

I expect of you to be clean kind and polite. Ask for what you want, in a respectful manner, “once we are alone“ except no if that’s not what I am willing to participate in. 

Please arrive and leave on time.


Consent and Boundaries

I am passionately committed to creating interactions firmly rooted in consent & mutual agreement. Rather than being a barrier to pleasure, establishing boundaries creates a safe container for possibilities where true abundant pleasure arises. I promise to respect your boundaries and thank you for respecting mine.

Pillow Talk


What is the best way to contact me?

My favorite appointments are when you give me 1-4 hour notice. If you’re ready to book, by all means CALL! Please only call when you are  ready to see me. However if you have a question or need something answered other than what you have read on my website, text or email only.

 I do not have an agency/assistant service. It is very difficult for me to be able to answer calls at any given time. Messages work best. I also find it difficult to keep discretion when I am in public or with my family. It’s difficult to keep  discretion  if I am trying to answer your questions or have an intimate discussion. I appreciate your wanting to hear my sweet voice, let’s save the dirty talk for when we are alone. 


All In The Details

I have beautiful blue eyes 

Blonde hair

 medium length but sometimes I do wear extensions

I stand 5’6” & my weight is 135

My measurements are


I am a woman who’s In her Prime 

I am in my late 40’s as the say, the most sensual years of my life! 

I offer a clean, quiet & very private Incall location. I use my Pool House for the session. It is very cozy & well heated-air conditioned. There is No Bathroom so please freshen up before you come over. 

As for my to travel to you-

I ask that you either be at your home or business that has access to a bathroom or a hotel/motel that is safe.  


How Do You or I Handle Cancellations?

The best laid out plans can suddenly change due to many reasons. As an Escort Massage Provider if any changes come up I will notify you.  I understand Cancellations and emergencies happen, please be courteous as possible by 

emailing, texting or calling me ASAP as I will if I need to cancel.

Professional French Kisser


Excite Your Desire

One of my favorite things about being an companion/ provider is that we are able to be totally uninhibited . I am more concerned with the quality of our experience than feeling like an assembly line escort.

 If you are of similar mindset & find yourself attracted to what you are reading & seeing;

Don’t delay, contact me right away!


P.S Leave your cares at my door & come away with me for what will be an encounter to always remember.

Secure booking form

Please give me 1-4 hours notice for same day appointments


  Thank you for visiting my corner of the web! I’ve tried to answer all your questions & concerns,

when contacting me

Do not ask any inappropriate or  explicit questions.   

Thank you💋 

CT Escort-Escort Service-Full Body Rub-Fantasy Date-Discreet Companionship Trusted Friend and Lover

Sat - Sun Inquire about availability 

 When leaving an email, text or voicemail during 


Please give me time to respond 

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